6 Tips for Perfect Composition in Portrait Photography – 50mm lens


  1. Kunalrajani lawand-patil

    thanks for sharing ….. ur ideas behind d images captured …. they r
    truly amazing concerning d gear used …. :)

  2. Awesome pics and video!! just switching into digital and love all the
    insight you bring to photography!! Need to research and further checkout
    all your video’s for any education info I can use. Thanks again and would
    love to toss ideas idea’s around at some point.

  3. nice pics
    very use full tip…
    thank u…….keep doing all the best 

  4. Lovely images and inventive use of different backgrounds. Nice. Inspiring
    ideas. Looking forward to lots more portrait ideas in future. Thanks for
    taking the time to post these videos.

  5. Really great video and great tips. Also wonderful photos :)

  6. Desperados Diamond

    For the rest of my life I’m going to search for someone just like you :-) 

  7. xParanoia iParanoid

    i played the video several times.. i cant concentrate.. Lol

  8. For some reason I cant concentrate on what she is saying.

  9. Hi, very helpful video. I like that you also share the camera, lens and
    settings. I did notice all were taken with a 50mm lens. Is that your
    standard portrait lens? I think it worked out great.

  10. Your tip about distracting background is a good one. You may want to think
    about it for your videos. You have so much clutter in your room I find it
    hard to concentrate. I am a bit ADD so it may be worse for me than others.

  11. Your dress distracts me so i don’t hear a word you are saying:) so i have
    to find tips elswere.

  12. Very nice images and good tips.

    My favorite would be the close-up at 0:55.

    How much makeup do you wear on an image like that? I’m asking because your
    skin looks flawless.

  13. How can I not like you channel Imo ! :) Thou art a babe ! You know a lot
    about photography too !

  14. I’d be grateful if you would do at least one video having to do with
    candid, available light portraiture.

  15. Hello, very useful video indeed and I find them very useful.
    Besides, do you use any flash when taking these image?
    And what is the good aperture for them? I find my subject blurry when I am
    using f1.8 focusing on their faces.

  16. Love your video and need to say.. You are simply BEAUTIFUL :)

  17. As an amateur photographer I watch your videos every week. I find them
    informative with a lot of tips that are very useful to me. Why don’t you
    ever include Mark in any of your videos?. Maybe show how he sets up the
    lights or other equipment that he uses. While the finished pics are great,
    I would luv to see his setups. Well keep up the great work.

  18. ammm why is your jaw mowing sideways so much?:)

  19. Hi Imogen, this is very helpful video, as i recently bought 1.8 G Nikon &
    55-200 VR mm and found very useful as an amateur photographer. Thanks a
    lot but pls let me know how far the photographer while he was taking these

  20. Sławomir Biernacki

    Wszystko co powiedziałaś jest ciekawe i świetne . Ale zapomniał o jednym o
    samej modelce . najlepiej aby miała duże oczy w stosunku do twarzy oraz
    model konturów głowy złożonej z kwadrata i trójkąta . I miała jasne
    źrenice . Obiektyw inaczej widzi niż w rzeczywistości . ( Salomon z
    pustego nie naleje . ) 

  21. however snide remaerks aside. I think its good for more attractive women to
    learn how to actually do better photographs. Just look at facebook and the
    amount of terrible, terrible, quality and composed shots that many
    attractive women have in their profiles. Its like the take forever to get
    the right makeup/hair, and outfit but just cant bother with making a decent
    photo :-p.

  22. I prefer pictures of girls and soft sensitive stuff as possible iso 100 and
    I always use this style

  23. When I first started watching your videos, I must admit your beauty
    attracted me to them. As time goes by I find your videos though more useful
    every day. Sometimes things that I’ve used before and forgot and some
    things that I never realized could make such a difference. I think most of
    your pictures are gorgeous because you’re gorgeous … that helps a lot.
    Stay beautiful … bless you.

  24. Hi everyone, today I have 6 tips for perfect composition in portrait
    photography. Hope you enjoy this video.
    If you should have further tips please do let me know :)

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