baby picture ideas, newborn photography poses and props, tips how to get cute baby photos


  1. Constantin Seliman

    This are great ideas and fun to approach but mostly for professionals
    One thing that will help a beginner will be the settings, especially when
    using for example a Cannon Rebel T3, not a professional camera, indoor
    lights , not a external flash or umbrella… Somebody that is sick and
    tired of automatic setting and wants to learn more about manual will love
    to learn more about that. I know practice makes perfect and I know every
    room has different light, but every picture taken by a professional, adding
    the settings in that picture, a beginner will learn the settings and try to
    be as close to that instead of guessing and losing the shot … Cristian,
    sper ca nu am deranjat cu mesajul si multumesc frumos pentru acest video.

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