Photography Tips – FAQ 4 Do Long Lenses Compress Perspective?


  1. "I’m going to move back and make sure I don’t change my view point". Moving
    back is changing the view point.

  2. well, these tests have been done time and again, and to be honest, you can
    get the exact same framing regardless of lens and sensor/film size IF you
    stand in the same place and are willing to crop, just like your video shows
    clearly (frame with a tele lens, shoot, change to a wide – shot+crop).
    That’s not the big problem. The problem is getting a shallow depth of
    field, which can only get shallower with 1) Faster lenses 2) Bigger sensor
    3) Longer focal length (4 would be getting closer, but we already
    established that we want to minimize perspective by standing further away).
    There is no way around it. And that’s why crop cameras are much worse than
    full-frame (both of which I own) and why medium format is the king. That’s
    why we don’t shoot portraits with wide-angles but reach for at least
    something like a 70-200mm workhorse or a dreamy fast 85mm or a 300mm+
    On a side note, I’m no pro, but it highly confuses me how tons of people
    who have been doing photography for years and even for a living still get
    this all wrong!

  3. Thanks for the video. By the way, I just saw a man hiding under a blanket
    and carrying a camera being smuggled into a house…

  4. Mike, you are an amazing "online mentor"! I’m taking lots of notes from
    your videos! Thank you for all your dedicated work!

  5. You’re right Mike, I’m coming for you, to thank you 😉
    Short and clear, what else?

  6. How is it compare to d300? Why did you upgrade to a full frame camera? I
    bought a d300 camera last year after watching your videos.. I also bought
    an 18 70 mm lens after seeing you using it in your videos.. I am also
    getting a sigma 10 20 mm soon :)

  7. Is that a new camera? What happened to d300? Why are you using a black

  8. I’m not sure how the compression that occurred actually happened. So the
    distance from subject changed, but is that all it was?

  9. The best photography channel on youtube!

  10. Those 2 photos illustrate the point exactly. As they say a picture speaks a
    thousand words!

  11. Ha ha ha Love the face you made when referring to perspective and geometry.

  12. Very good, I like a test too!

    People hotly debate this, instead of grabbing a camera and doing such

  13. Love you,re lesson

  14. Excellent video Sir

  15. Junjun jr. Llauderes

    nice one!!!!

  16. Rob Chelsea Ellisdon

    Explained Perfectly Mike, Another Very Interesting Video And Something To
    Take On Board When Out And About With The Camera. Cheers

  17. Another great and informative video, thank you Mike.

  18. Nice explanation 

  19. Yes they do as illustrated in "The 35mm Photographer’s Handbook", the
    absolute bible for 35mm shooters. The three photos illustrating this using
    20, 135 & 600mm lenses are on page 25 of the 1990 edition by Julian Calder
    & John Garrett.

    I can’t understand why this incredibly useful book hasn’t been revised and
    updated for digital SLRs. The 1990 edition still contains information on
    film types and obsolete cameras. It’s a great format, made to be used in
    all kinds of circumstances with flexible plastic coated covers and a robust
    binding. As the author states in his "Introduction", "That is why the book
    has a size and shape and size to suit the camera bag or a pocket in a car
    rather than the coffee table. It is meant to be of daily use to architects,
    teachers and salespeople and to serve myriad other occupations where a
    picture can speak more persuasively than words." In short a practical book
    full of accurate, easy to understand, well presented information for the
    professional and non-professional photographer alike.

  20. thankyou for this very informational video Mr. Browne, there’s always
    something new to learn from you, as usual, you are the man!

  21. Mike you look better with a camera in your hand rather than not.

  22. Mike Browne!
    Surely, one of the best photography teachers on the Web.
    And more!

  23. Thanks Mike.. You really are a great teacher and very enjoyable to watch.
    Lets give it up for Abby one more time !!! :)

  24. video editing style with your walk in / walk outs looks like documentary
    movie from 1990’s 😀 

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