The Top Secret Photography Techniques- Mind-Blowing Images


  1. You do not need a DSLR to make this photos, any with manual controls will
    be plenty. And you do need photoshop also, GIMP is just as good for this
    work and free.

  2. Gracias. This was helpful.

  3. This is no secret. This is just an add -.-

  4. this is NOT photography, its Photoshop…. BIG DIFFERENCE!!!!!

    A good photographer don’t use Photoshop

  5. You sir, are my hero!

  6. lol no wonder, you are using after effects on most of the photos. 

  7. nice tutorial…I live the Philippines, how can i have your tutorial free.

  8. I should have found this video when I was a noob

  9. How did he take the photo in 1:21 ?

  10. a minute into it and i like this guy’s work already….

  11. The Top Secret Photography Techniques- Mind-Blowi…:

  12. The camera is just a tool. this wonderful, photo mind. great tutorial

  13. how do you do the banana thing? 4:14

  14. damn after 3 years of dreaming of having a dslr, now still have my point
    and shoot camera with me… -_-

  15. I like your style and attitude toward good photography but…….do you are
    right all the time about it….

  16. *Ideas > Gear* *so true!* You can make great photographs with the most
    simple cameras, you only need your fantasy and creativity! Don’t do pixel
    peeping, don’t read the whole night on photography forums which lens is the
    fastest, what camera has 36mp and so on… this will all distract you from
    the actual process. Go out and shoot! :D

  17. thanks mate…. Right now i dont a DSLR but when i get one ill definitly
    buy it…

  18. Excellent course. 

  19. i wont buy it but i like your video very much


  20. Haha…I did light painting with a fuji sl300! Although yes time limit was
    only 8sec

  21. I made a pictures book and everyone who’s seen it always ask me what DSLR
    camera I used…. I used my Casio Exilim-10 slim point-and-shoot digital
    camera. So no, you don’t need an insanely expensive camera to take great

  22. i want to know how you took that photograph at 4:16 !! plz reply 

  23. and I’ll see you on the other side. He means when we are dead.

  24. Wish.. U could have taught for free :( 

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