1. um, not sure if you are just plugging DSLR cameras, but a good bridge
    camera can do the same trix with less work, I am disabled and can only use
    my right hand, but love the effects of a DSLR, turns out a high end bridge
    camera lets you do the same and much more + a 42 times zoom ( Nikon p520)
    at $430 About 2 years ago.

  2. does corel paint shop pro X2 work also ??

  3. Just click on to the link magicphototrick DOT info) Scroll all the way to
    the bottom and click on the yellow button add to the cart There you go

  4. hey hw to login in it…wht s the coast ?

  5. hey hw to login in it…wht s the coast ?

  6. hey hw to login in it…wht s the coast ?

  7. hey hw to login in it…wht s the coast ?

  8. wait My bad it’s a bridgecamera like you said… It should work as long as
    you can change 3 setting. Aperture, ISO, and Shutter speed.. Other wise You
    shouldn’t have any real problems

  9. It will work for the tutorials posted on the site! I just google it, it’s
    an DSLR camera and it will work because it has all of the setting listed.
    So give it a try. You can get your money back if you don’t like it. Plus
    sometimes it’s just a good thing to know how to do some of these tricks,
    because you might run into a project that uses some of the ideas posted in
    these videos, you never know!

  10. You’ll learn everything you need to know in courses! Just go to the website
    and check out the ofter!! Enjoy Taking awesome Pictures!

  11. i am a REAL beginner with a camera and i have a nikon cool pix p500 and
    want to learn how to take good and different photos is this video easy for
    a camera dummy to learn to do i just started and settings and stuff sound
    like french to me sooooo it has to be easy to understand and very clear

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