10 Reasons Why a Professional Photographer Left Nikon and started shooting with Sony by Jason Lanier


  1. Yo man, I know this is a small matter but there is no such thing as
    "Nighkon". It’s pronounced Nikon.

  2. so many bottom lines. which one do i listen to????

    btw +Jason Lanier have you tried the fuji xt1? 

  3. Hahah, sorry I can’t really take anyone who shops at Bestbuy seriously…

  4. Believe me, I love the A7s. But I don’t agree with your points.

    First off, I am using Canon, I have all the Wifi functions you have and I
    never use them.
    To the wedding scenario: Don’t you edit your pictures?

    Focus Peaking: Never missed it from the Blackmagic I shot with.
    Zebra: I do indeed see if my picture is overexposed.

    EVF: I think they are equal to Opticals. The give more options in low light
    and video, but the opticals have no lag and help me much more with the

    Card Compatibility: Never had any problems with Canon cameras.

    Also, you can shoot in Kelvin with every Canon out there currently.

    The little features are really unnecessary on a Pro body because nearly no
    Pro will use them. The pop-up flash is totally unnecessary. I have never
    used it, I have never used a flash at all. I am happy with the light.

    The mirrorless cameras aren’t better at image quality than any Canon or
    Nikon Pro body. Both can produce amazing images, just the way you take them
    is different. Both camera types have their place in photography.

    I can’t really say much about Nikon because I haven’t used their cameras in
    a long time.

    Sadly these flaws, your language and the way you present the video make me
    feel like you’re not a pro.

  5. VGR Tech & Design

    Its amazing that this video has exceeded 300K views and Jason’s instagram
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    Jason’s page and follow, he does great artwork. Team VGR trust your
    opinion, Jason, and appreciate the time and effort put into this
    informative video. It’s simple and to the point. Cheers

  6. Carive Productions

    Good video! I’ve been watching nothing but reviews on why it’s great for
    video. Wasn’t sure of the photography capabilities. Thanks for sharing your
    insight. Sincerely, a Canon user. 

  7. I’m only using 600D so relatively new to all this but a quick search and
    peruse of other review and comparisons and specification comparisons would
    lead me to believe you’ve skipped over some features found on other DSLRs
    that you don’t use that might still be important to other people. Snapsort
    tells me there are only 4 lenses specifically for the A7S so I would think
    having to use an adaptor is a con, however insignificant it might seem.
    Also because mirrorless use liveview, they will use a fair bit more battery
    when you’re not actually taking any photos or video. When you don’t put
    all the considerations in your presentation it seems like you’ve been
    sipping a bit much of the Sony Kool-aid?

  8. This is eye opening!

  9. I don’t agree with all statements you made, Jason.
    I suppose you don’t know much about Nikon and Canon products, I had 1 month
    for documentation before buying my camera and I discovered a lot of
    features that you deny existing. Try to go to a media store, Jason.

    I had a Sony camera for years and I was very satisfied, but died with no
    reason after 3000 shots, and now I chose between Canon 70d and Nikon d5300.
    I was "sticked" to Sony memory stick while all other cameras used common SD

    Now I have a Nikon 5300 and IT DO HAVE wireless and you CAN shoot picture
    with your phone, as your camera. Also, Canon 70d have the same features,
    even more. The Nikon d5300 and 7100 have TOSHIBA sensors, not Sony !!!
    Consider that Nikon is a LENS MANUFACTURER and the lens is important for
    video quality. Sony is not a popular lens producer.

    My camera (Nikon d5300) have tilt screen and Canon 70d too, not only
    mirrorless camera have. I chose my camera with this criterion, to have tilt
    screen and wifi, now I realize these are secondary features.

    I am not an expert, but I consider the wifi is not critical, seemed to me
    fantastic before buying the camera, then I lost interest for this. Anyway,
    you can’t move the camera around with the wifi, right? You can only trigger
    and see the pictures. (and squeeze the juice from battery).
    And if you are a good photographer, you don’t run to put your pictures on
    social media, but you examine them before with your preferred editing
    program, to make sure your pictures are perfect, don’t you?

    4K videos are so important? You realize you are using a photo camera to
    make movies?. And you are talking about A7S, a 2500$ camera body, right? It
    has only 4K output, for an external 4K recorder.

    Sony for years have been for me a great name, for a lot of products, once
    you could buy a Sony product with the eyes closed, but today they are
    synonym with low cost chinese goods.

    As I understood, the autofocus can’t match the burst rate at Sony a6000!!!!

  10. I heard the ‘film’ guys say the A7S was a crappy dslr (for photos) and that
    you’d be far better off with a Canon 5D etc. I’m using the Black Magic
    camera’s (2.5k and 4k) and I’m looking for another cam that would be good
    in low light and good for photos, what do you guys reckon? also, look at
    that Samyang Cine lens on the Sony :)

  11. I can’t believe some of the hate that’s been directed at Jason. He’s
    simply giving his opinion and reasons why he changed from Nikon to Sony.
    If you don’t agree with what he said, that’s fine and take it with a grain
    of salt so to speak. But don’t judge him or crucify him for his reasons.
    I myself have never heard of Jason but I liked his reasons. Especially
    with the weight one. I know what he’s talking about. I recently bought a
    Sony a5000 (I know, it’s the model before the a6000 but I don’t care) and
    was tossing up whether to get that one or the Nikon d3300, until I picked
    it up. The D3300 felt like a brick compared to the a5000, which is why I
    bought it. I know that people are also going to say that ‘oh but if you’re
    going to get into serious photography you have to get a proper DSLR’. Yeah
    good point but also don’t care. Compared to the point and shoot I had
    (Olympus), the a5000 in my opinion is awesome and I can see what Jason is
    talking about (although he was talking about the a6000). Awesome video
    Jason :-)

  12. Although I do agree that this little camera is a beast in performance but
    there are features in a DSLR body that are just not present in a mirrorless
    body. Like the damn FOCUSING SYSTEM. Or the Durability.
    I do not know about Nikon, but my Canon was built to last. I mean I shoot
    my camera on Thunderstorms to capture the Lightnings, I shoots it in dust,
    I shoot it wherever you can imagine. That’s just what you pay for.
    Plus, I used an EVF and no thanks. I did not like it.

    For the Kind of job you do these cameras might as well be great, or for the
    average user. But pro bodies like the Nikon D4S or D810 and the Canon 1DX
    or 5DMkIII are not toys. They are money makers. 

  13. This video will influence all thinking photographers. 

  14. Looooved this! THANK YOU! Decision made!

  15. Cool kind of camera review. +John Pozadzides have you ever considered using
    a mirrorless camera beside you smartphone of course? This clip could be
    used for some +Geek Beat camera review inspiration. 

  16. Just because YOU switched to that TOY camera, doesn’t mean that everyone
    should switch to it too. Besides all "excited" stuff you said about that
    tiny little camera also doesn’t mean it’s for pro photographers just
    because you said so. That’s just for entertaining purposes, not for
    professional work. This is my opinion and I don’t expect anyone to agree
    with me. Just saying what I think about this topic.

  17. Hi Jason. Can you tell me if the Phottix flashes will work with this
    camera? Unfortunately my Neewer manual flashes will not fire with it.
    Have you tried the Youngneo for what you do? I am strictly a wedding
    photographer so I will be selling all my Panasonic GH4’s to get more Sony
    a6000 gear.

  18. 17:23: "Nikon and Canon – wake up! why don’t you do cool stuff like that?!"
    – Actually the more than two years old 6D (and the 70D & 7DmkII) does
    exactly that. Or isn’t that exciting when you just want to confirm your own

  19. Wow, so many haters on this thread. Jason is just saying why he personally
    changed to Sony. For him it is the right choice.

    If you disagree then buy what you want. It kills me that there are so many
    people that are die hard fans of a particular brand and start saying things
    like he is paid by Sony etc. Everyone buys a camera for their own needs.
    True there are now canon and nikon cameras that have the features Jason was
    talking about, but not at the time when he bought these cameras.

    A camera is just a tool, and the person behind the lens is just as
    important , if not more than the equipment they are using.

    Personally I have shot with Pentax, Sony, Canon, Nikon etc and to me it’s
    all about what comes out of the camera, not about what name is on the
    front. Weight to me is also a prime consideration and as well as owning a
    nice canon 7d, I also own a tiny Pentax Q7 that is always on my person
    along with 3 lenses.

    That is a very freeing experience and means I can take shots anywhere I am.
    The 7d is for serious shooting and the pentax Q7 is for fun. How many
    people take their cameras everywhere with them? Thinking of upgrading to to
    A6000 for much better quality, but at the moment the Pentax Q7 complete
    system can fit into 2 coat pockets without a bag in sight. That’s eight
    lenses 4 batteries and a camera without a bag in sight. That is what is
    right for me.

    I’m not a professional but I love photography, I’d rather have a camera
    with me to take any shots that happen to arise than be without a camera.

    The best camera you have is the camera you have with you.

  20. ok, i’ll try to give my point of view of this.
    I don’t wanna start a camera war or stuff like that, but i want to try and
    explain why almost everything you said sounds wrong to me.
    First of all, i’m not a pro photographer yet, i’m working to become one in
    the future.
    so, let’s start.
    Weight: i’ve used some different cameras, old and new canons, nikons,
    basically i went from little compact ones to the average DSLR. I’ve noticed
    that a very light body is not 100% good, sometimes lenses weigh more than
    the body, i think it’s better to have a more balanced weight rather than a
    superlight camera body with a ton pulling down on front.

    Electronic viewfinder: i think that an optical viewfinder is better for a
    simple reason: lag.
    There will always be a little lag from when the light hits the sensor and
    comes back to your screen, and since the only purpose of the viewfinder is in
    fact to find the view you want to capture, a standard one is more immediate
    and trusty.

    For the "i know what the picture will look like" thing, when i press the
    button i already know how the camera needs to be set to get the picture i
    wanted. It’s easy to be a pro photographer when the camera tells you what
    to do to get it right. You need to see the picture even before you turn on
    your camera.

    tilt screen: i give you half point on this. It’s good to be able to see the
    screen at every angle, but if you know how your lenses work you don’t need

    upload to your phone: here is where it gets major useless.
    When you’re out there shooting, you are a photographer, not a social media
    addict. Every moment that you wait for the camera to put the picture in
    your phone and then on internet is a moment that you didn’t capture.
    Shooting and uploading picture on the fly is stuff for teenage girls in
    front of a mirror, not for a pro-photographer..do your job first, think
    about unnecessary things later.
    I have this feature on my samsung NX1000, it’s useless..if i want to share
    an immediate picture i shoot it directly with my phone, then take a picture
    with my DSLR to get a real nice picture to share later.

    Smart remote: again, this is not that useful..why would i spend time to
    connect the camera to my phone to take a picture? And as we see in the
    video, there’s a terrible amount of lag between phone and camera that makes
    it worthless..use your camera OR your phone, don’t try to act all fancy
    because you can see your camera from your phone. (PS if you say that that
    is an "elaborate light painting" i have some bad news for you..)

    expanded focus: i have it on my canon EOS1100D, not that much of an

    almost every point you explained has no real sense at all..when a pro
    photographer buys an expensive camera means that he uses that for work, not
    for messing around with social media and unnecessary stuff..a pro
    photographer doesn’t need a camera that tells him when the shot is good, a
    pro photographer’s only need is a camera that can take a shot with the best
    quality possible.
    Sony didn’t make it easy for photographer..sony made easy to everyone to
    take good pictures

  21. *10 Reasons Why a Professional Photographer Left Nikon and started shooting
    with Sony*

    You know what? I think +Jason Lanier just convinced me to switch from Nikon
    to Sony. Now, this is always the toughest decision to make, and I will
    certainly have to let this sink in a bit more to *really* make the switch.
    But that video is so convincing, and Jason asks all the right questions,
    none of which is adequately answered by Nikon yet.

    I have been using Nikon cameras for the last 10 years, and for the last 3
    years *none* of their new cameras has everything I want. *None of them!* I
    was getting frustrated with this. They are either ridiculously crippled in
    their features, or they are overwhelmingly expensive.

    *Is Nikon (and Canon for that matter) being left behind while others take
    the camera market of the future?*

    It sure looks like it! What do you think?

  22. I do not doubt that Jaon Lanier is a Professional Photographer. But some of
    his claims are simply inaccurate – hyperbole. Yes the Sony a7 is a
    brilliant camera… but it is not better than Nikon D810. And neither is it
    er… "off the chart".

  23. 1. Nikon does NOT use only Sony sensors! Nikon makes it’s own sensors for
    some of top models, and some of the other Nikon cameras are using Toshiba
    sensors as well (D7100, D5200…and it gives better IQ than the previous
    Sony models and all current Sony Alpha models except A7 range)

    2. Did you fire SB-910 in TTL mode with your Sony camera? Or it works just
    on manual :D, in the case that SB910 can’t do TTL with Sony, it’s just a
    nice agent of fortune piece of expensive jewlery on top of your camera,
    because it’s unusable for weddings and run and gun shots when you do not
    have any meaningful connection with camera, exept that one pin which shoots
    randomly at the manually given strenght, on Nikon using manual Speedlights
    only is a piece of a cake, but on Sony 😀

    3. Can you record 4K video internal on your A7s or you need a external
    recorder able to do the task? Ok, I know that external recorder is needed
    and A7s CAN’T do internal 4k recording on the memory card but just to clear
    that out in front of the people.

    4. Number of lenses available from Sony? Maybe you do not see in this
    inbetween all Sony hype, but Sony bodies in this state are actually made
    for third party Lens makers, in this case Nikon, Canon and, the number of
    available Sony lenses is ridiculous, and if you want to put anything a
    little bit better you have to do it with converters.

    5. Which concludes that with Sony, in order to function properly as with
    Nikon or Canon you got by default :D, you have to add the price of
    different lens converters into the sum.

    6. Nikon was a bit slow with introducing Wi-Fi, but D5300 and D750 have it,
    and it functions same as with Sony or as with any Wi-Fi, so it’s not much
    of advance for Sony.

    7. Do you find Sony EVF useful for quick shooting, is it prompt? 😀 And do
    you get the same ammount of quality as with DSLR viewfinder?

    8. Presumably I want to buy Sony A7s for High Quality video shooting :D,
    and it turns out that despite superb low light ability and possibility that
    it shoots 4k video only on external device,I find rolling shutter even on
    wide very problematic. Now, despite the fact I can’t even think about
    filming fast moving objects due to distortion it would cause with this
    sensor, the only way to reduce the rolling shutter a bit is to record video
    in a crop mode which automatically dimishes all the FF DOF beauty. And mind
    you, the rolling shutter with A7s is terrible even in Full HD mode, which
    draws to a conclusion that with 4k recordings where the much larger portion
    of a slow sensor is used, it looks really bad even with a glitch of
    movement. Of course, It surely look wonderful with a 500$ tripod planted
    fest to the ground in stationary scenes, but even with normal panning
    speeds it doesn’t look that good anymore.

    9. Tilting screens…those wonderful tilting screens, I agree with you on
    something, wheter one is PRO or not PRO a tilting screen is NOT a pro
    feature, and EVERYONE needs it because it makes filming and shooting fom
    the tricky angles much more untrickier.

    But let’s clear something up. The only useful tilt screen is a FLIP screen,
    so those found at D5100, D5200, D5300 are the best tilt screens any DSLR
    ever had (regarding feel to the eyes about resolution and possible
    positions of the screen), Canons versions found on 60 and 70D are not so
    good regading the visual feel, but they’re also flip screens and that is
    important. And there is a bit more of that…on a6000 you have to order a
    customly made backplate for your beloved tripod in order to completely use
    already very limited tilt screen movements by default, so due to very bad
    engineering decision, a tilt screen is almost no tiltable in one position
    when a6000 is on tripod.

    10. Smaller cameras ARE not invigorating and expanding your artistic
    creativities, qualities and freedoms…those are solely based on the fact
    wheter you have a talent or your talent is only a learnt subject. Besides
    a Pro who switched from Nikon to Canon because "Canon Pro body is flat like
    his MacBook Pro", this is the lamest reason for switching from to any other
    camera brand I have ever heard.

    Btw. Nikon D5300 is better camera with normal flip screen and better
    overall (except speed) than Sony a6000, and it costs a bit less. 

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