Africa Wildlife Photography Workshops & Photo Safaris


  1. I appreciate your philosophy, and it is wonderful to afford other
    photographers the opportunity to really experience beloved Africa at its

  2. A great pleasure Ivonne

  3. Thank you for the wonderful work you do Carrie and it will be a real treat
    to collaborate with you should the opportunity present itself

  4. loved this! I was just in Africa volunteering at segera mission and doing
    camera workshops at kiteghe primary school. would love to bring these kids
    on a safari with you someday. god bless you! keep up the amazing work!

  5. Thank you Michael to share with us, all the beautiful animals who have
    every right to live in peace! I especially love the elephants! xxx

  6. Thank you Marko and it would be a great pleasure to host you in Africa

  7. Thanks for your kind words Kerry

  8. Kerry Anne O'Donnell

    Thank you for sharing such beautiful imagery Michael, showcasing the
    wonderful inhabitants of Africa at their finest. One day I will join you on
    one of your safari workshops and hopefully with your tuition & support,
    capture a few images of the some of the most beautiful animals in the
    world. You’re blessed to have such a wonderful opportunities on your back
    doorstep! 🙂

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