1. This is very good information and a lot of it also applies to shooting
    macro videos. Please tell Tim that he gets two more thumbs-up, for
    including the Mammillaria and the Golden Barrel Cactus plants! Question –
    Are you planning a tutorial for shooting macro and tele-macro video, with
    camcorders? Thanks

  2. An Introduction to Macro Photography by B and H

  3. Luis Sachweinfurth

    ok if macro lens is the best and filters are the worse where does inverse
    rings will it be??

  4. Thx for this video and tips… now I am really fired up :)

  5. THANKS!! learned alot with this video.

  6. THANKS!! learned alot with this video.

  7. I use in my dental office, AF-S Micro Nikkor 40mm 1: 28G acquired B & H,
    but I do not like the quality of my photos especially when you need more
    details. Recommended me changing the lens to 105mm F / 28 but the values
    is up my resources. Do you have any solutions.
    Gilberto Mendes

  8. my job needed a system to photograph gear teeth used in aerospace
    applications so we bought a nikon d7000, nikon R1 speedlight and a nikon
    60mm macro lens from you at B&H. The results are outstanding but most
    engineers shy away from using the nikon system unless it is absolutely
    required. Maybe some day a few of them will take the time to learn a little
    about macro photography. With the knowledge first and the right equipment
    anybody can take clear macro photos with good depth of field. When I really
    need detail I put the camera on a tripod, use the timer to fire the shutter
    and take the photo at f40 with 2 or 3 second exposure using a fluorescent
    desk lamp for the lighting. Thanks for the system, please stop by to train
    us a little the next time you are in Park City, Utah.

  9. Nice macro photography tutorial – Al right?

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