1. Fromex Photo & Digital

    An in-depth step by step approach to getting started in SLR photography.
    Master your camera in manual mode for full creative control. Learn about
    lenses, depth of field and shutter speeds. Follow Karl as he captures
    stunning landscape images and demonstrates the techniques step by step.

  2. SUPER!!!

  3. Went through 3 of your courses: intro, advanced and fashion&beauty. Very
    helpful and inspiring. Well I got a looong way to go to reach to the level
    in the fashion and beauty course but really love it. Thanks a lot, Karl,
    you’re just like my Yoda of Photography.

  4. What tripod did you use here? Thanks!

  5. Try using an f stop that lets in less light (higher number), with as low of
    an ISO as possible. If that doesn’t allow for a long enough exposure
    (probably 1/15 of a second or longer – you will need a tripod!), you will
    have to try either using a neutral density filter or shooting at a
    different time of day. Good luck!

  6. Arief Hidayat Ramadhan

    use filter

  7. How did you get the ocean to be all smooth @ 0:42, when i try to do it with
    slow shutter speed it just turns out real bright. Please help!

  8. Rodrigo Crisostomo

    @ariefafroid his camera is probably weather sealed.

  9. @MrFizziXs I guess it’s the 16-35 f2.8L probably, he used it in another
    video 🙂

  10. … helped me a lot 🙂

  11. Nice pics, and good work:)

  12. Thank you for share!

  13. At 39 seconds in I think I would have grabbed that expensive camera rather
    than run from the wave 🙂 Great vids! Great quality, thanks for sharing.

  14. i like this ,,,

  15. With his landscape work this fellow is up there with guys like Charlie
    Waite, Joe Cornish and Alex Wise (of Tasmania). A fantastic photographer,
    and very inspiring is he!

  16. Great Video. Thx for that. By the way its a very nice song. What’s the name
    of this song?

  17. Great Video. Thx for that. By the way its a very nice song. What’s the name
    of this song?

  18. your my hero! in college right now for photography, you’d make a great
    teacher! if you haven’t already done that lol

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