F/1.8, 50mm lens, modeling photo-shoot in Brighton – tips for photographers and models


  1. Is it ever sunny there? Jeez…..

  2. we cant consentrate your videos because of your beauty

  3. hi dear yu are so sexy and beautiful

  4. These pictures are beautiful!

  5. Mark and I love your videos :)

  6. was wondering from your previous pics your shutter speed is higher from
    other pics is that because its brighter. how do you determine what setting
    to use. Light meter on camera? thanks

  7. Pease check out my Flickr account and see my photos taken with the same
    50mm lens on the same camera and see the quite different results, I think
    these photos are excellent please check mine out. My name on there is
    raymond hamby please comments letting me know Imogens video sent you there.
    If you can’t find it by my name then search Kandid hearts photography.
    Thanks guys

  8. Why you didn’t go down all the way to 100 Iso instead?
    Good photoshoot :)

  9. Beautiful natural smile 

  10. Emma, it would be very interesting to do the Brighton Beach shoot dressed
    as a proper Victorian lady but still allow elements of sexy to be present
    that would be frowned on back in Victorian times like sexy heels and show
    some or a lot of leg. Unless you don’t have a corset in your closet it
    might be fun….LOL

  11. Mark and I, Mark and I…. Instead u should have said ‘We’
    Anyway u r Beautiful

  12. just adorable, you and imogen need some duo shoots, please.

  13. Oscar Rudy Aquino Aquino

    hi, where is Brighton?

  14. My days she is cute

  15. Why do you open your aperture so large when you have a lot of light
    available? Also, why are you always shooting at 200 ISO? First, you have a
    verry short depth of field at f/1.8 and most of the face is out of focus.
    Also, your lens is not made to be used at it’s widest aperture because it
    is only very sharp down 2 stops or more. You should use it at f/4 to f/11.
    At 50mm on an APS-C sensor, you need at least f/5 to get the whole face in
    tack sharp focus! This is a constructive comment from a commercial
    photography student and is not meant to be mean! I’m just sharing my
    knowledge and experience. I like your creativity and composition alot! Have
    a nice day!

  16. Christopher Johnston

    An awesome shoot done with a very cheap lens. Unless you’re doing wildlife
    or sports you can get great images with inexpensive gear. 

  17. I do have a couple of Canon L lenses, but it just proves that you don’t
    have to spend a fortune on a lens. I have the nifty fifty myself and am
    going to try and use it more often. I also see it’s just a 550 Eos, so you
    don’t even need an expensive full frame to produce great photos. Well done
    and look forward to more posts.

  18. The pictures with her lying on the ground was fantastic! 

  19. The lollipop works marvellously in the photo! A really nice, relaxed bunch
    of photographs these and i love the fact that such sites are used again
    with someone else. I don’t think i have ever visited Brighton or it’s beach
    yet through the images i feel like i have. Which in itself is wonderfully
    charming and memorable.

  20. who is this marcus or mark guy can you please introduce at least at the end
    of the video.

  21. Please start your channel
    there is still nothing on channel Emma x

  22. That gosh-darn english cuteness :)

  23. I like Emma but I’m curious were Imogen is at? Also, will both of them do a
    shoot together? Thanks again.

  24. F1/8, 50mm lens, modeling photo-shoot in Brighton ! :)

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