1. which one is better: honor 6 or oneplus one?!

  2. how you get those android navigation bottons on oneplus one?

  3. Why the two sacky balls on each side of the phone with a zoom out sequence
    in the end??

  4. Phonedog
    Can you tell me why my phone camera settings doesn’t say 13mega. Or 1080p
    quality I just nothing it watching you video 

  5. i have the same cat 😉 and phone :p

  6. Christopher Tettam

    It is a decent camera but OIS would have made it so much better. 

  7. To date, which android camera u think its the best. Thanks

  8. Got invite on Tuesday..order the sandstone 64gb..got it yesterday on
    Saturday…damm fast!!..phone is awesome…slick and sexy. ..customization
    is very cool…mix and match icons and theme…

  9. Had this phone over a month and did not notice the left hand mode,thanks
    for pointing that out as i am left handed.Nice video my friend.

  10. What is the back cover material/texture called? (its like rough)

  11. Waffle Wong Yee Ket

    I believe the button off to the left of the camera shutter button is a
    panorama button, not the photo sphere button.

  12. That’s one cute cat :o

  13. Mohamed Abdourahman

    God I can’t wait till the invite system is done with, Dont get me wrong I
    love the phone, the price and cyanogenmod (never used it) but I hate hate
    the invite system and would wait till January once the invites are done
    with (hopefully they’ll make the phone available publically.)

  14. great great phone I love my

  15. great great phone I love my

  16. 4:12 did you purposely make it look like a penis?

  17. Still waiting for mine to arrive 

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