Post Production Techniques for Athlete Portraits with Tim Mantoani


  1. Great work, Nice presentation, thank you.

  2. At around 19:25 I could realize that the photo gets an "HDR look", but, all
    done manually. I’m wondering… can’t I get exactly the same effect just by
    using a quick HDR software?

  3. MMA fighter is Joe Duarte

  4. something weird at the red background…over touch..

  5. why not just use burn and dodge to lighten or darken? just curious.

  6. Shift + Option + Command + E is better than flattening and having to go
    back in history to make changes.

  7. Check Out New Marda Vid Heads Ah Roll

  8. Check Out New Marda Vid Heads Ah Roll

  9. Check Out New Marda Vid Heads Ah Roll

  10. That clicking..

  11. Matīss Markovskis

    So, where is his right leg at 44:40? There are paralimpics?

  12. dpi you have a website where you can share your presets if you have any?

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