1. Maybe it’s because I’m just now seriously getting into photography, but
    there sure do seem to be a lot of angry negative comments here.

    I myself found this video useful but will gladly continue to explore other
    forms of tips and advice.

  2. Sorry but not great !!! A lot of shots look like point and shoot snaps ,
    not the gritty street shots full of mood and depth that we try to capture
    .There are no rules in my mind its all about the image ,often you have to
    engage with the person to get the shot,and lets face it its polite to do
    so. As far as shooting from the hip REALLY ! Love to see your keepers from
    that . 1 in a hundred i would imagine .You don’t have to walk about like a
    spy just keep out of peoples faces ,easy with a longer lens and the
    compression with give you a better image , if the person is wondering why
    you are taking a photo of them talk to them offer them a copy and thank
    them . 

  3. restriction is the greatest teacher.. use one lens.. learn to "see" with
    that lens… color or black and white it doesnt matter if the scene is out
    of place.. and yes there are basics to everything and everything has rules
    that needs breaking.. especially street photography

  4. I’ve used either a Rolleiflex or a Nikon F-2 with a prism finder for almost
    47 years, but the original Konica Hexar in stealth mode is also an
    excellent choice. I leave the digital cameras at home because people are
    more curious about the film cameras than they are upset if I’m noticed.

  5. one or two pics were nice, the rest was crap. sorry!

  6. If you are going to follow these tips you might as well just grab a point
    in shoot. There is no rules, follow these for a frustrating day with a lot
    of missed and out of focus snap shots. Wide angle? I almost never use one,
    try to get a candid shot sticking your camera in you someones face because
    that’s what you need to do with a wide angle. These old timers had no
    choice but to use wider lens because that’s all that was out at the time.
    Shoot from the hip? That’s not even photography, just grab that point n
    shoot! You can solve all the problems that you brought up by using a longer
    lens. So instead of trying to follow the old timers out dated rules why not
    just sit off in the background and shoot from a distance. It’s no different
    than shooting from the hip or setting up a tripod except you actually have
    control of your shot. Sense when is there an "idea" of street shooting?
    These type of narrow minded suggestions take the art out of street
    photography and make it a case of making snap shots and hoping they turn
    out okay. I don’t know about you but I didn’t get into photography to take
    snap shots and that is what these suggestions lead too.

  7. Nice vid, cool pics. 

  8. You can use as long a lens as you want for street photography. You can
    use ANY lens for street photography.

  9. Oh hey, chill sir. I agree there are no fixed rules to photography (aside
    from basic technicalities and even then, there are so many permutations)
    … but as someone new to the genre, researching tips helps me find out
    know more about the process. Of course nothing beats actual practice but
    hey, it’s 2am where I am, I can’t sleep. I’ve got work tomorrow so I’m
    definitely not shooting. So I’m here trying to learn.

  10. This video was helpful to me. Thank you, girl.

  11. Street Photography Basics : http://youtu.be/tDTiXKv4_08 good tuto video 

  12. Street Photography Basics : http://youtu.be/tDTiXKv4_08 good tuto video 

  13. There are no basics for streetphotography.Photography doesnt need rules.

  14. One thing i find annoying in You Tube Videos is most often the narrator
    talks too much and wastes time and in the way gets visitors look elsewhere.

  15. Bad audio, is this a webcast? get live audio next time. this is very
    basic, much better out there.

  16. +Greg Kowal Pictures of homeless people are so overdone. I’m sorry. You are
    obviously famous for your brilliant pics of homeless people but for some
    reason I have never heard of you or your Nobel peace prize. Apparently you
    don’t realize that there is soo much more to street photography than just
    homeless people. It is a fantastic medium. You want to talk about overdone?
    Sunsets. Sunrises. Trees. Animals. Babies. Flowers. I could go on but why?
    People will still until the end of time photograph all of these things. In
    one weekend, I shot a KKK rally, an accident where there was a fatality and
    I was first on the scene and an oil refinery fire just from driving around
    looking for things to shoot. So go shoot your Sunrise and I will walk the
    streets looking for a man who thinks he’s the King of Zanzibar. 

  17. Do you shoot in color? then change to B/W?, Also what do you do if a
    policeman says No Shooting here, but you have a nice subject near you?

  18. Thank you for all that info & tips really looking forward to keep talking
    about street photography in more videos … Big thanks 

  19. Are you talking about using film or digital? 

  20. Street Photography Basics

    Street Photography Basics


  21. Good Stuff

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